LC HOME is located in Bat Trang, an ancient village in the North of Vietnam that is famous for producing prized handmade ceramic products for well over 1000 years. LC HOME is well-known and highly prized for its excellence, finesse, sophistication and elegance for more than 1000 years in providing ancient traditional designs and modern contemporary ceramic products. It is currently managed by the 8th generation grandson, Nguyen Van Loi of the legendary Nguyen Thanh Chau, who was designated as a Living National Treasure by the late King Le in 1737. We have been in this business since 1982 under the name "LC Ceramics" and LC Home Company Limited was found on 2011.

LC HOME has been focusing on making handmade ceramic products at competitive prices without compromising on high quality. With a large variety in choices of designs and patterns, since 1982, LC Home’s products have been exported to many countries such as United Kingdom, United States, Japan, Australia, Canada, France, Denmark, Spain, South Africa, to name a few. LC Home has also received strong support from business partners around the world. The company has also a pride of place in being a recommended place for tourists when they visit Hanoi and Bat Trang.

High quality products with attractive looks is not the only competitive advantage that LC HOME has. It has also been offering products that have achieved Food Safe Certificates by the most trusted organization in the world, SGS.

LC HOME’s products do not contain any harmful elements (Lead, Cadmium) that are detrimental to health. Thank to these certificates, our products have been accepted by many organizations and companies such as Oxfam, Habitat, House of Fraser, Zara Home and local companies and hotels including Sofitel Metropole, Hilton, Ngoc Suong resort and many others.

Another strength of LC HOME is the flexibility of our designs. We have been offering variety of shapes, colors, and patterns in our products that we believe will satisfy all our customers’ requirements.

The mission of LC HOME is to bring to you the finest products that will make your living and working space superior.

LC Home commits that we do not use child labour, all of our employees are over 18 years old. LC Home has created a great working environment and offered pressure-free jobs for our workers. We believe that if we treat our employees well and right, they can maximise their ability and talents to make more beautiful handmade products.

At LC Home, creativity and innovation are always encouraged. LC Home's employees are free to develop their ideas to help improving the production which in return helps them to reduce the working hours.